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Great Migration Camps response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Coronavirus. There’s so much attention on one word.  On March 11, the head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, declared the spread of COVID-19 a pandemic. And also stated “…we are deeply concerned both by the alarming levels of spread and severity, and by the alarming levels of inaction.”

Stay Home. Travel Later. Coronavirus

The evidence is overwhelming right now. Except for essential travel and returning home, travel should be on hold for a while. On the ground, physical distancing and staying at home as much as possible is encouraged and, in some countries, is mandatory.

We urge our clients and their families and communities to adhere to WHO recommendations for coronavirus public health guidelines. We appeal to you to follow recommendations and rules imposed by your country during this time of uncertainty and to stay at home now – you can travel later.

Isolation. Coronavirus. Lion cub. Serengeti
Lion Cub, Serengeti. Coronavirus. Isolation. Stay Home. Travel Later. Image: Carel Verhoef, Great Migration Camps   

Great Migration Camps Coronavirus (Temporary) Closure

Great Migration Camps has temporarily closed our mobile camp until June 2020 in efforts to ensure the safety of our staff, guests and to be part of the global solution in containing the spread of coronavirus. For now, we are accepting new reservations, conservatively for travel dates from mid-June. Realistically this may be later, pending the progression and spread of Covid-19.  Travel bans and Government restrictions will determine when safaris will open up again safely.  Great Migration Camps refuses to take any risks, however when travel is safe, we will be ready to welcome you to take you on safari to the Serengeti. We are planning safe safaris with limited contact points, for when the situation changes. With fewer tourists this season, the river crossings should be spectacular and we’ll be ready when the globe is ready.

2021 Safari Price Freeze due to Coronavirus

All Great Migration Camps mobile camp rates stay the same for safari’s in 2021 – a Coronavirus Price Freeze. * 3rd party services, such as hotel reservations, or park fees may be subject to price variation, beyond our control.

Flexible Safari Terms and Conditions due to Coronavirus

All existing reservations are secure and all our terms and conditions are completely flexible – from payment terms, to postponements or cancellations. We are already in communication with every client who is booked and confirmed and would like to thank all of you to an unwavering commitment to travel as soon as it is responsible to do so.

When travel restrictions are lifted or it becomes safe to travel – clients can reschedule at any date (subject to availability only), provided you are cleared and your travel plans are responsible.  Ideally, we will need confirmation and payment 5 working days prior to arrival.  If you would like to stay home and want your deposit back – no problem.

Time for Reflection

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by coronavirus in whatever way, we encourage you to stay healthy, take care of those in need and please be responsible. Thank you to medical personnel across the globe, and those providing essential services.  During this period, many of us are restricted in our movements and have unexpected time on our hands – feel free to chat to us, plan with us, watch wildlife footage and keep your safari dream alive for when some semblance of normality returns to Planet Earth.  Perhaps now, we are being forced to reflect and start making changes for the better – personally and professionally, locally and globally and consider our actions on Planet Earth.

#Stay Home #Travel Later.