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Great Migration Calving Season 2023

The wildebeest of the great migration have arrived on the southern Serengeti plains for calving season. The first calves have been spotted and it is #cutenessOVERLOAD.

Half a million calves, Great Migration Ndutu

Take a look at what is in store this calving season for the great migration. Follow us on social media for regular Migration Updates on the wildebeest and the calving situation. We are gearing up for half a million calves to be born in the next month or so. It’s going to be CRAZY!

The season is more than just calving

Whilst the baby wildebeest dominate the cuteness odometer, there is a ton of incredible game and wildlife. In terms of the cats – there have been some wonderful cheetah sightings, many many many lions, the leopard are present but scarce and skittish, and some smaller cats have also been spotted. There are lots of hyena in the eternal hyena v lion battle and plains game abound. Giraffe, zebra, hartebeest, impala, elephant, thompson’s and grant’s gazelles, dik-diks. Bird life is bountiful at Ndutu.

Is it time start your migration to see some Serengeti for yourself? 

Chat to us about which aspect of the Great Migration you’d most like to see. We can advise you on your Tanzania Safari and help you to plan your great migration safari!  Contact us on sally@greatmigrationcamps.com. Let’s chat Great Migration! Come and see the Calving Season for yourself.