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Serengeti Show Live - Our Story

In September 2019, in conjunction with a few local partners, and the support of Tanapa – the Serengeti Show Live began with a goal of telling the conservation story of the Serengeti.  The Story of the Serengeti Show Live began with visits to different locations within the Serengeti and panel discussions with those who live, work and conserve the park.

Covid-19 Pandemic

2020 brought the coronavirus pandemic to the world.  Travel bans and restrictions have reduced global tourism to zero.  No-one is travelling while the planet tries to contain the spread of coronavirus.  Our friends and colleagues have seen booking after booking cancelled. For some lucky ones those reservations have been postponed to a time when travel is safe once more.

Vital Serengeti National Park revenues have plummeted threatening conservation of the world’s most famous safari destination. The mere presence of visitors increases eyes and ears on the ground, reducing the risk of poaching activities.

Tourism Solutions -Serengeti Show Live

Our small team, is in Tanzania and as tourism abruptly stopped, we brainstormed what we could do to Save the Serengeti AND help our industry colleagues and their families. Our conclusion was to send fresh wildlife content from the heart of the Serengeti to the world.  We believe that this has the best chance to help tourism and the conservation sector once we get over this unprecedented event taking over the world right now.

We also saw how much people are craving beauty, nature and wildlife as millions are contained in their homes. Virtual safaris from the comfort of your armchair have grown exponentially as various safari destinations try to bring the real deal to your homes.

Serengeti Show Live Pre-Production

We are currently in preproduction for the Serengeti Show Live. The Tanzania authorities are actively supporting the project and helping to make this a reality and we are extremely grateful for their partnership.

Most readers will have no idea what this means or the logistics involved in undertaking a production of this nature. On a practical level we need to get to the Serengeti and have supplies to sustain us. We need to cover the cost of production and broadcasting it to the world.  Great Migration Camps is donating the use of their mobile camp and network of suppliers to manage the logistical operations and physical costs from food to fuel.  The staff and crew are currently volunteering and donating their time, skills and equipment.  We’ve reached out to experts around the globe who are assisting (free-of-charge) to help with various technical production issues, content storage, data management, editing, sound, marketing and more. We thank you all.

Serengeti Show Live Fundraising

In order to shoot this show, funds need to cover costs and give back to the community in every way that we can.  We have achieved 60% of the base level financial target. We have been granted access to the Serengeti National Park by TANAPA. We are extremely grateful for this honour.  Tanzanian Tour Operators are actively working towards locating the remainder of the basic operational funds – crucial funds to bring the raw unadulterated version of the Serengeti to your screens.

Your support could help Save the Serengeti

In doing so, wildlife will be inspirational for whatever situation you find yourself in, during these trying times … but it will also be serving a greater cause well into the future.  This extraordinary wildlife that we are so passionate about, and the reason we are here – need tourism, which supports conservation efforts and extended communities. We care so deeply about the future of this UNESCO World Heritage area and all the beautiful animals that reside here. We greatly appreciate any contributions – all of it helps pave the way for a promising future after Covid-19.  Follow the link below and thank you.

From the team here, we wish you good health, and that you are all keeping safe.

Serengeti Show Live - Partners

Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA)

The Tanzania National Parks Authority commonly known as TANAPA is responsible for the management of Tanzania’s national parks. TANAPA is a parastatal corporation and all its income is reinvested into the organization. It is governed by a number of instruments including the National Parks Act, Chapter 282 of the 2002 and the Wildlife Conservation Act No. 5 of 2009.[1] TANAPA manages the nation’s 22 National parks which covers approximately 15% of the land area and has the mandate to conserve and manage the wildlife in Tanzania, and to enforce the related laws and regulations in this industry. It manages the biodiversity of the country, protecting and conserving the flora and fauna.


Tanzania Tourist Board Logo

Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB)

Tanzania Tourist Board is a government organization which was legally established by Tanzania Tourist Board act, CAP 364 of 1962 and amended by act by Act No. 18 of 1992. TTB was formed after the disbandment of the Tanzania Tourist Corporation. The Board is mandated with promotion and development of all the aspects of tourism industry in Tanzania.

Their Mission is to promote sustainable tourism domestically and Internationally through innovative and dynamic awareness creation, in order to contribute significantly to the social – economic development of Tanzania


NCAA - Ngorongoro

Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA)

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority is an arm of the Tanzanian government, under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Ordinance of 1959 created the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) which was charged with ensuring multiple land use there to assist in conserving and developing its natural resources. The 1975 Ngorongoro Conservation Area Ordinance stipulates the objectives of the Authority as follows: the conservation and development of the NCA’s natural resources; the promotion of tourism; and the safeguarding and promotion of the interests of the Maasai.


Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO)

Tanzania Association of Tour Operators represents tour operators. TATO aims are to provide a complete and comprehensive position for the tour industry in its relations with the Government and its institutions in matters pertaining to the formulation of tourism policy, plans and programs. TATO is also responsible to maintain high quality and standards amongst its members.


Zanzibar Association of Tour Operators (ZATO)

ZATO is a membership organization formed by Zanzibar Tour Operators who are Zanzibari by law. This organization is incorporated under the Companies Decree [Cap. 153] and that it is a company limited by Guarantee.

Tour operator is an entity whose primary purpose is to plan, arrange tours and/or Zanzibar vacation packages and market them on domestic, regional and worldwide destinations. The cost of such tour and vacation packages generally includes land transportation in Zanzibar, ground arrangements such as accommodations, meals, local guides, and other related services.