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Serengeti Show Live



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What is the Serengeti Show Live?

The Serengeti Show Live is a Wildlife show based in Tanzania – focused on the Serengeti.  Each show will document a variety of iconic African animals and their natural behaviour.  

The show will brighten your day by introducing you to wild adventures, conflicts, defending territory, family bonds and the circle of life & death.  Unique scenes from the Serengeti National Park, some emotional journeys and what takes place behind the scenes.

30 episodes of safari shows will be produced during coronavirus lock down and global travel bans.

The Serengeti Show Live is hosted by conservationist/guide, Carel Verhoef.

Each Serengeti Show Live Episode will feature

  • Wildlife Sighting of the day.
  • Great Migration Updates – where the wildebeest herds are located.
  • Kids’ Corner – fun, interactive, educational – daily surprise!
  • Interesting facts, stories and news on life in lockdown is the wild.

Location: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Language: English

Quality High Definition:  1080p

Look- Feel:  Beautiful spaces, therapeutic Nature. Wild animal interactions, Educational and inspiring.

Format: Stand alone episodes with a narrative taking the viewer on a wildlife journey, teaching the viewer more about the natural world.

The crew is guided by one of the top Wildlife Safari Guides, getting the videography team to the best wildlife sightings in the National Park every day and sharing a wealth of wildlife knowledge.

If you like the Serengeti Show Live, we’d love it if you could show your appreciation towards supporting future episodes.  Your contributions will be used to support production of this feel-good family friendly show that opens a window to wild Serengeti.

Contributions can be any amount and be made by clicking the link below and using your credit card.  We appreciate all assistance to keep the project going whilst the Serengeti is devoid of visitors.