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Ilboru Safari Lodge Live Review Videos

About Ilboru Safari Lodge

Live Reviews of Ilboru Safari Lodge. The lodge is situated at the base of Mount Meru, among the banana fields and Maasai tribes, a perfect setting for a family holiday.

They offer 38 spacious guest rooms with a large lawn area between each self-contained Boma. The rooms have an unique African design with a round layout and thatched rooftops. The Maasai fabrics and draped nets add an ethnical charm, blended with international amenities throughout the lodge.

The lodge is only 2 km from Arusha, set within 5 acres of plush land that blends modern conveniences with the local lifestyle. Unwind while watching the variety of birds from your balcony or take a dip in the large swimming pool.

The gift shop has a friendly and low-key atmosphere with some truly beautiful and authentic gifts available. The restaurant offers international dishes as well as famous Swahili cuisine. Special menu selections are available for children in addition to a fully stocked bar for the adults.

Review Schedule

7 March 2018 15h00 EAT Live Experience Review, Arrival at Ilboru Safari Lodge
7 March 2018 15h30 EAT Room Review – Ilboru Safari Lodge room review 1
7 March 2018 15h40 EAT Room Review – Ilboru Safari Lodge room review 2
7 March 2018 16h30 EAT Sustainability Review -Ilboru environmental worriers – reforestation project
7 March 2018 17h30 EAT Experience Review – what to do at Ilboru.
7 March 2018 18h00 EAT People Review- Dinner preparation with the Ilboru Chef
7 March 2018 18h30 EAT Main Lodge Review -Main review of Ilboru Safari Lodge with Annelies Metili
7 March 2018 19h00 EAT People Review – The Ilboru Safari Lodge Story with Annelies Metili
7 March 2018 20h00 EAT Experience Review – Dinner at Ilboru Safari Lodge
7 March 2018 21h00 EAT Live Experience Review – Soak up the atmosphere of Ilboru Safari Lodge at night
8 March 2018 06h30 EAT Live Experience Review – Waking up at Ilboru Safari Lodge
8 March 2018 07h30 EAT Experience Review -Ilboru Safari Lodge breakfast
8 March 2018 08h30 EAT People Review – The people behind Ilboru Safari Lodge with Annelies Metili
8 March 2018 09h00 EAT Live Experience Review- Farewell and Thank you Ilboru Safari Lodge -enjoy your safari.