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What are Live Reviews made of?

An interview of the lodge or camp accommodation being showcased. An independent expert chats to a lodge representative, where the Lodge or camp facilities will be discussed. Special features will be highlighted to show what the property is all about – all with the aim of matching the right client with the right property.

We travel for experiences and activities. The experience review will bring these experiences to life in real time, displaying what’s on offer from the lodge or camp being visited – be it a game drive or a hike. This review will be conducted with a lodge guide and independent review team, whilst on safari or activity. Broadcasting what we see or do, is as unpredictable as any game drive undertaken on any given day, in any given location.

Tourism by its very nature impacts on natural resources, consumption patterns, pollution and social systems. We discuss with a property representative how the lodge or camp currently deals with these impacts in their operations. We also chat about their future plans to address energy, water, waste and food security issues, whilst working with local communities.

Behind the scenes at any lodge or camp are the people that make everything happen during your visit or stay. Without these hardworking folk, no property can function to bring you the experience of your dreams. We chat to the people who work at the property to bring you memorable experiences and real people and real stories.

What is a Live Review?

Imagine a visual online review forum that showcases the very best of your property and location recorded live and broadcast over the Internet for people to watch around the world. That is the essence of our LiveReview platform, a broad-spectrum content sharing website whose central focus is on the camps and lodges located along the path of the great wildebeest migration of east Africa. Through reviewing and showcasing every aspect of coming to visit and witness one of nature’s greatest events we utilise the latest online technology of live streaming in the form of our LiveReviews of lodges, camps and properties, as well as live experience reviews of game drives and sightings direct from remote locations in the bush.

"The latest online technology"

Our platform rewards our partners for contributing video and imagery which give real-time information and updates on the migration, its movement, location and activity, highlighting and promoting a particular lodge with a call-to-action, translating into direct enquiries and bookings at your property. It allows you to showcase your product to a new and broader market space via an experienced, credible, trusted outlet. As a partner and contributor you can build your own portfolio of content, and the more material contributed, the more visibility on our platform promoting greater exposure and connection with potential clients.

"Real time migration updates"

And this is one of the biggest advantages of our LiveReviews; that it marries the right client with the right product in a more direct and compatible manner than written or more traditional forms of media. Its credible, three-dimensional, objective and real, with personal experience, comment and opinions from guests, environmental and sustainability experts, to interviews with your camp managers and guides, and behind-the-scenes everyday staff that make your property and staying there what it is. All of this combined with what you can encounter on safari while staying at your property combines to create a visual online review platform unrivalled with real people, real comments and real opinions.

"The right client with the right property"

We offer our partners the added benefit of live broadcasting via our Great Migration Camps live streaming capability. You as a property will have the option to broadcast a live lodge or camp review where we showcase the very best your camp has to offer forming a unique foundation of credibility and authenticity and attracting the right client to your camp while giving potential clients a true picture of what your product is all about.