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    About Us - Meet the Team

    Carel Verhoef
    Migration Guide/ Video
    Born and raised during the wilder days of South Africa’s Kruger National Park, Carel grew up at one with his natural surroundings, eventually becoming a safari guide and camp manager in east Africa for more than 10 years. His professional guiding career has taken him to many corners of the African continent. He has worked as a business development manager and was the founder and creator behind HerdTracker. He is an accomplished mountaineer, videographer and is constantly creating ways to bring the African experience to you through visual story-telling. Spend a few minutes in conversation and you’ll quickly realise he is a man of the bush, with a wealth of knowledge, experience and charisma to make your experience on safari an unforgettable one.
    Sally Grierson
    Safari Sales/ Administrator
    Gifted with a love of travel, nature & the spirit of adventure since a young child, Sally has always felt at home in the great outdoors. Born in Zimbabwe but raised in Cape Town, she trained as a physiotherapist at the University of Cape Town before Travelling the world extensively. Her love of Africa brought her home where she switched careers to the travel and tourism industry. Sally is the GMC safari engineer – crafting safari itineraries, mountain climbing expeditions and adventure travels in East Africa. Every detail of your travel arrangements will be taken care of from arrival to departure in East Africa.
    Zebadia Mmbando
    Camp Manager/ Safari Guide
    Zebadia grew up in a small village on the slopes of Kilimanjaro and studied at Wildlife College after completing school. Zebadia – our mobile camp manager & resident safari guide does a bit of everything in camp! When he is not guiding clients, Zeb ensures that your drinks are cold and your shower water is hot, that toilets and showers work, tents are clean and properly pitched to cope with the Serengeti elements. Zebadia collects water and supplies, manages the solar system, electrics, fridges and ice machine (an essential item!). From before dawn to long past dusk – Zebadia works with the biggest smile and kindest heart. No safari is complete without Zebadia.
    Mashine Joseph Swai
    Mechanic/ Safari Guide
    Mashine is called Mashine for a reason. Our head safari guide, has the uncanny ability to find wildebeest, leopard, lion and “animals on request”. Mashine finds it tough to get to camp of an evening, as he wants to stay out there looking for his favourite animal – the elusive leopard. Originally a mechanic by trade, Mashine maintains and fixes our vehicles and does an enormous amount of administrative work behind the scenes.